Anuj Rai ISC'15' Saying Good Bye'.

I am feeling a little nervous today and I know you too are going through similar feelings. I remember those days in the first year of our studies in School when our parents left us at the entrance of the school and that was the first time in our life we stepped out of our house and stayed in a new place. Our steps were not complete, We needed the Teacher to help to put that first steps into the school. We cried on the top of our voice and irritated others to the core, running in all the directions except into our classroom. It took a few days for us to adjust to the school environment; few weeks to like the teachers. Today the school, the teachers, the classrooms, the play ground have become the most adorable very close to our heart.
There is something incredible hidden in this assembly  that made us stand at ease and also in attention position every morning for all these years. This place gave us  an opportunity to build up confidence in our-self and speak before a gathering for the first time in our life. All these years we prayed for our-self, our family, our friends and for our country. The black boards in all the classrooms we graduated through gave us a treasure of knowledge that we are carrying in our head today & passing out of this temple of learning. The classrooms were our dens, not only to take that daily dose of knowledge and wisdom, but also to all the naughtier things we did. Sometimes we could escape from the notice of our teachers and sometimes we got caught red-handed, only to get the shouting. All these parts of the school have become so close to our heart that we are feeling terrible to leave them all forever and enter a new world called college.
At times we were playful, sometimes we were in a very jubilant mood, sometimes we were naughty, some time were depressed, but our teachers took all the pains to put us in the relevant mood. This is the right time to express our profound gratefulness to all our teachers. They were our Mentors, Gurus & philosophers who not only laid the roads towards our destination, but also held our hand and guided us to overcome the hurdles en route.
When we reach the top of our career don't forget our roots. Remember, in addition to our family members, our extended family, THE WENDY FAMILY will also be waiting to hear that interesting story of our journey through the ladder of success and appreciate us.


Anuj Rai

Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.