Shobhana Singh' ISC'16'-Cheers to a New Beginning'

Today when I ponder, I wonder where those  years went.....They simply fleeted by happily on the sands of time and have ushered us to this day. For the second time in our lives , we face the enormous task of bidding adieu to our friends, our teachers, our peers and a part of our lives. Today , another chapter of our lives ends with advent of a shining new one beckoning us! It is ,undeniably difficult to say to goodbye to what better way to do it than celebrate? Celebrate the fact that we, entering these walls as saplings and having been nurtured and cared for by our dear teachers, can now call ourselves young trees, ready to face the world and whatever comes with it. I take this opportunity to thank all our teachers and the administrative staff of this wonderful school for the guidance, love and care bestowed on us over these years. It has been a matter of pride to belong to this institution and we look forward to an unending association with the staff and school. We shall not be dismayed at goodbyes because a farewell is necessary before we can meet again in life. I would like to close with a quote of Winston Churchill says,” This is not the end, his not even the beginning of the end, It is instead the end of the beginning. Thank You & cheers to a new beginning !

Shobhana Singh

Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.