Code of Conduct

It is a privilege to be the part of the Wendy School community. In return its members have a duty to behave in a manner which does them and the School credit. The Code of Conduct which follows is a set of guidelines and rules that apply at School, on any School activity and while travelling to and from School or any activity. They are intended to help both students and their parents maintain the friendly but purposeful ethos of Wendy School.
Personal Conduct
Students should be polite, helpful and considerate; they should behave sensibly and with sensitivity towards others. All students should show a full and proper commitment to their academic studies and co-curricular activities. In moving around the School they should walk in a quiet and civilized manner. They should not run. They must keep to the left in all corridors and on stairs to enable everyone to move about the premises freely.
Bullying has no place at Wendy School. Incidents of bullying, of any kind, will be viewed very seriously indeed. Anyone who suspects that someone else is being bullied or threatened, or is being bullied, must have the confidence to tell a member of staff immediately, whatever may have been said to deter from doing so.
The School Dress Code
The School sets a high value on personal appearance. The dress code applies at all times between setting off from home in the morning and returning there in the evening. The full dress code applies for sports fixtures.
Students must arrive in good time for all registrations, lessons and other School commitments. Students must sign the late book in the Reception area if they arrive late in the morning and miss registration.
Private Property
The School cannot accept responsibility for loss of private property or damage to it. Students should leave items of value at home and ensure that all property which is brought to School, including clothes and games kit, is clearly named. Losses must be reported to the teacher-in-charge. The buying, selling and exchanging of goods at School, including food, is strictly forbidden. The property of other people must always be respected. Theft, keeping another’s property or damaging it is very likely to result in a child losing their place at Wendy School.
School Property
As members of Wendy School all students have a duty to take care of their property and treat its facilities with respect. Any form of graffiti is strictly forbidden. Students should help keep the School tidy, in good repair and litter free, picking up and disposing appropriately of any litter they see. Any breakages or damage must be reported as soon as possible to the Office. Textbooks and Library books are expensive and easily damaged - please carry them carefully, especially to and from School.
The Environment
Wendy School places a high priority on environmental responsibility, and all members of the School community are expected to do likewise.
There are some basic guidelines that all members of the School should follow:
•    Switch off lights when leaving any unoccupied classroom or storeroom
•    Do not leave computers on standby or with screens switched on
•    Use both sides of paper whenever possible, and do not waste paper
•    Show respect for the plants and animals in the School grounds
•    Do not drop litter: sufficient litter bins are provided
•    Consider cycling or walking to School, or using public transport or lift-sharing to minimize CO2emissions.
Absence from School
If a child has a medical appointment during School hours, he/she must produce evidence of this to Principal in advance and he/ she must sign out with School Reception when leaving the premises. If he /she is absent for unforeseen reasons, for example through illness, his parents should telephone the School Office or e-mail the Principal on that day and any subsequent day until he returns. If he /she has been absent (or has missed homework), he/she  must on his return bring his/her  an explanatory note signed by a parent, stating how long he has been away (e-mail confirmation from a parent is equally acceptable). The provision of School holidays is sufficiently generous for family holidays to occur within them, and the dates of holidays are always published at least twelve months in advance. Requests for absence other than for medical reasons should always be made in writing to the Principal.

Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.