All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!
And here lies the importance of playgrounds in schools. After all fun is as important as education. To promote skills at games, each student is motivated to develop individual proficiency in at least one sport - athletics, table-tennis, badminton- and be a part of one team game like football, basketball or cricket.
Competitive sports and physical education are important aspects of life at Wendy, the school focuses on developing both physical fitness as well as skills in various sports. There is a system of awarding students gold, silver and bronze medals based on their performance in tests which assess strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination.
As an institution, our Vision for sports in the long term is to provide thorough training to the young generation to ensure maximum participation.
It has been critical for us to develop the lesser known sports viz., Football, Handball, Badminton, , Volleyball, Skating, Baseball , Billiards etc., which is progressing well within our schools.
We believe that the key to achieve excellence in sports lies in integrating sports and physical education with the regular educational curriculum, making it a compulsory subject of learning up to the secondary school level and incorporating it during the assessment of students.

Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.