Learning through Experience

Instead of teacher led delivery of knowledge, teachers and students at Wendy together construct knowledge so that no student feels left out. This is supported by field experience and carefully designed project work and integrated learning. This enables the learner to gain an unforgettable experience of fun, joy and enduing learning and also to put to test the acquired.

Engage- Endure-Excel

Learning by creating an experience, rather than by cramming, is engaging and enduring . We aim at promoting excellence rather than focusing on memorized material. We enable them to think and then plan their action of study.

Responsible citizenship

The learning processes at Wendy are most distinctive. Our teaching – learning methods aim at making the student self-directed, lifelong learners. They are encouraged to excel academically and to grow up into responsible citizens with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Laying a strong foundation

Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the students at Wendy also develop a respect for the rich heritage of the past.
Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.