CISCE Affiliation

WENDY is a  co-educational school affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE - and offers the ICSE and ISC curriculums for class X and class XII examinations respectively. All students are required to sit for the ICSE examination in class X and after that for Class XII  to sit for  Indian School Certificate (ISC).

The National Admissions and Accreditation agency in the United Kingdom - UCAS (Universities and College Admission Services) has recognized the ISC at par with the Higher Secondary School qualification of the University of Scotland.

Objectives of CISCE
The council has been constituted to secure suitable representation of governments responsible for schools (which are affiliated to it) in their states/territories such as the Inter - State Board for Anglo- Indian Education, the Association of Indian Universities, the Association of Heads of Anglo- Indian Schools, the Indian Public School Conference, the Association of Schools for the ISC Examination and eminent educationists.

The objective of the Council is educational and includes the promotion of science, literature, the fine arts and the diffusion of useful knowledge by conducting school examination through the medium of English. The Council exists solely for educational purpose and not for purpose of profit.

The council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is committed to serving the nation's children through high quality educational endeavors, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society and promoting introspective living by creating learning opportunities with a commitment to excellence.

The Focus is on
•    Trust and fair play
•    Minimum monitoring
•    Allowing schools to evolve one’s own niche- progressive institutions
•    Meeting the needs of the children – renewing objectives
•    Freedom to experiment with new ideas and practices- The Schools must continuously evolve- ' You won't skid if you stay in a rut '
•    Diversity and plurality- the basic strength for evolution of idea.
•    Schools to motivate pupil towards the cultivation of Excellence - the Indian experience
•    Valuing spiritual and cultural growth - to be the bed rock of the educational experience
•    Schools to have 'Indian Ethos' and strong roots in the national psyche; being sensitive to national aspiration.

The school offers the following subjects at the ICSE (class IX and X) level:
Group 1
Three Compulsory subjects:
English, Hindi,(History, Civics and Geography).
Group 2
Students have to choose any two from the following:
Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology); Economics; Mathematics
Group 3
Students choose one from the following:
Computer Applications; Physical Education; Art
Subjects offered at the ISC (class XI and XII) level:
Compulsory subject is English.
Students have to select 3,4 or subjects from one of the following streams:
Science Stream
Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Mathematics; Computers
Commerce Stream
Economics; Business Studies; Accounts; Mathematics

Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.