CISCE Regional Volleyball Championship 2018


CISCE organised a Volley ball Championship in Central Malwa Academy, Dewas, MP on 14th September and 15th September 2018.

 Six CISCE schools participated in the event. They were:-

1.     Central Malwa Academy, Dewas

2.     Christkulla Mission H.S.School, Satna

3.     Deepti Convent School , Sujanpur

4.     Laurels International School, Indore

5.     Nirmal Convent School, Ujjain

6.     Wendy School Junior College, Gwalior

All the six teams were divided into 2 Groups:-

Group A:-

1. Central Malwa Academy, Dewas

2. Christkulla Mission H.S.School, Satna

3. Deepti Convent School, Sujanpur

Group B:-

1. Laurels International School, Indore

2. Nirmal Convent School, Ujjain

3. Wendy School Junior College, Gwalior

Each school played two matches to clear Quarter finals. We defeated Laurels school by 2-0, then Nirmal Convent by 2-0. In Semi-final we defeated Christkulla Mission H.S.School and reached the finals to play against Central Malwa Academy, Dewas but unfortunately we were the Runner up.

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