Hello everyone!

I am Ritika Shrivastava student of Wendy School Junior College . I recently passed by CISC Exams with 94.75 %. I cleared JEE Advanced AIR- MY CRL is 1741 and 186 ( EWS) . I got offers from many IIT Colleges. I have opted for IIT –Roorkee ( Computer Science) .

Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected Wendy School. The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at Wendy School Junior College made me a competent individual .The wide range of activities- both curricular and co-curricular- along and the support from WSJC was really very helpful for my future. The faculties were really very kind and approachable when any need aroused . Today, if I am in good position it’s because of what I have learnt from Wendy School Junior College. Lastly I am really proud to be a Wendyite

Ritika Shrivastava
IIT- Roorkee (Computer Science)
Batch 2021-2022

Hello everyone,

I am Avantika Shrivastava
When I became a part of Wendy family, I was a small girl. Knowledge, Effort and Achievement wasn’t just a motto or a saying that I grew up listening to. It is what I am doing right now in this moment. I dreamt of being so confident in my speech and actions, that one day I could share my opinion with thousands of people and it would matter. I dared to pursue a degree of Mass Communication that people advised me not to, since it was “not a girls’ place to be” or it was “hard” and finally I am doing what I wanted to do. Wendy has played a huge role in making me the young woman I am today.

There was never a time where I was discouraged or stopped to do something (unless of course it was wrong). I still remember walking up to Sunita mam and telling her that I wanted to study and Investigative Journalism and she inspired me to pursue my dreams .Wendy was and always will be my comfort place, where I can be myself and let my guard down. Being Wendy Alumni is an honour in itself. I joined Wendy e as a baby, I grew up with it. I’m 21 years old today and it is remarkable that nothing has changed. The love, trust, respect and friendship that I still share with my teachers is so precious that I would go beyond and over my capabilities to keep it that way for the remainder of my life. I am brave, independent and my voice makes a difference. Thanks to Wendy for molding me.

Avantika Shrivastava
News anchor/ Assistant producer @News18 mpcg
Batch 2016-2017


I am Prarthana Gurjar, an alumnus of Wendy School Junior College. I am studying in “Birla Institute of Medical Research” Gwalior Pursuing BSc. Nursing- 3rd Year) in BIMR college .I have 2 startups – one in the domain of education and other in the fitness domain. I joined the school in its very first year in 2005 in Class Nursery.

Not until I had to write this, had I thought about how my school life has influenced my career and life ahead. But now when I look back, I feel, we as alumni either fail to or undermine the value of the education and morals that our teachers strive to impart to us. The school’s journey, undoubtedly, becomes an inexplicable part of the things that we learn in life. It is the pillar to our framework and the foundation to our success stories. What begun in school has not stopped yet and never will. What I am today is all that I have learnt till today. I am a proud WENDYITE!!

Prarthana Gurjar
Batch 2019-2020

Hi, I am Nimisha Singh.

I have finished my schooling from Wendy School Junior College in 2021. As of now I am a Chartered Accountancy aspirant and I am also pursuing B.Com Honours from Delhi University. Moreover, I am proficient as well as a capable and confident person. I have learned to be very hard-working as well as passionate about my career from the very core. Since my childhood, I have always been trained to focus on my goals.

Recently I have been working on gaining some professional skills. I have also hosted a few podcasts for ‘Proternity’. It is a co-founded student led initiative to deconstruct the journey of experienced professionals, practitioners and students emphasizing on key contemporary trends through a YouTube channel and Instagram having a cumulative followership of 37,000+. I will also be presenting papers in CA Students’ National Conference in the upcoming months.

I enrolled in Wendy School Junior College in 2014 and was a student there for 7 years. The reasons I am grateful for attending Wendy School are endless and helped shape who I am today. My school has always given me holistic development and helped in building my personality and skills. It gave me the much needed confidence and helped me in becoming what I am today.

I was able to build great relationships with the teachers and fellow classmates. The teachers are genuinely passionate about the subjects they are teaching and their approach has given me a lasting interest in numerous subjects. All of them have always motivated me to grow in life. Wendy School will always be special to me and I can’t wait to see what’s next to come.

Nimisha Singh
Batch 2020-2021

Hello everyone,

I am Harsh Jain currently I’m pursuing MBBS at Gajraraja Medical College, Gwalior Good education is the foundation of better future! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all my experiences as an Alumnus. It gives me immense pleasure to say that I am a proud Wendyite. I still remember the very first day when I came to the school. I was very shy and reserved. From that day onwards, my teachers began grooming me. All my teachers were not only supportive but were also very humble. From being a shy student to turning out to be an outspoken person, my school has given me a lot. All those extracurricular activities, super fun “free periods”, and those “work-ex dramatic classes” made us enjoy the most of our school time. Many ups and downs came during these golden years of my schooling but my teachers and my mates were always there with me by my side. Whatever I have achieved today, is majorly because i was groomed by such amazing Gurus. I would like to extend my gratitude to all my mentors and Chairman Sir for making me capable of achieving this milestone.

Harsh Jain
Batch 2016-2017

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, at the University of Canada West in Vancouver, British Columbia, I am a business communication student. I also work part-time as a guest environment expert for Marriott International hotels there. In this country, it can be challenging to manage alone occasionally while we’re separated from our families, but it’s also a wonderful experience to acquire so much new information and get to know individuals from other cultures. Wendy gave me the confidence to explore different opportunities and a wide-angle lens to look at how to turn opportunities to my advantage. Through, Wendy School Junior College I had already learned values, techniques and leadership skills that still help me stand out from a crowd and balance academics with scouting career opportunities. Wendy inculcated in me a sense of practicality and maturity which has allowed me to keep going in times of adversity- something I am so grateful for.” My special regards to all my mentors and my parents, who gave me the confidence to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

Batch 2015-2016


I am Divyanka Singh. I did my schooling from Wendy School Junior College
After that i did my bachelors from NIFT, Kolkata in Fashion and lifestyle accessories.
Currently I am doing masters from NID, Banglore in Design for Retail Experience and now I am going to ISRAEL for Student Exchange. I studied in Wendy School from 5th – 12th standard; my time in school was amazing .Wendy School Junior College has done a commendable job by positively impacting the education system. Equity and inclusion are powerful words central to ensuring that all students and teachers have the support to achieve their potential, these two words resonate with theme of this prestigious institution. Wendy School tends to foresee trends in education and in the world at large. It aspires to act with creativity and courage in our work. It has transformed industrious students into responsible members of the society. Studying at Wendy have been the most formative years of my life. They have set a strong foundation and have impacted my thought process which in turn has helped me in making some valiant decisions. Wendy school gave me wings to dream beyond the quintessential, to explore the uncharted territory. I am extremely thankful to teachers and staff at Wendy School Junior College. I am in a better place because of this school. I am really lucky to be part of WSJC

Divyanka Singh
Batch 2015-2016

Hello everyone!

It has been a long journey from reading about the Cellular Biology in school to actually being a part of the medical world. Being a doctor has been my lifelong dream and here I am – Dr.Deeksha Singh –I did my bachelors MBBS from IMCHRC, INDORE .Currently i am an INTERN at IMCHRC, INDORE. My life at school laid a strong foundation for my journey ahead, whether it was having a strong grasp on academic knowledge and honing my communication skills or developing a ‘never-die’ spirit. It all started at Wendy School Junior College. I am deeply obliged for the constant guidance and support offered by the teachers which helped us sail through the tough and stressful exams. Their unflinching faith in my capabilities motivated me to always step up for competitions, in and outside school, even when I was unsure of my own abilities. Even today, the love and care offered by the teachers here is so humbling. My journey outside school has always been backed strongly by my memorable experience at school.

Dr. Deeksha Singh
Batch 2015-2016


Hi I am Sanidhya Garg, 2016 Alumni of Wendy School. I’ve graduated from IIT Bombay in Electrical Engineering Dual Degree (Btech + Mtech) with masters in Communication and Signal Processing. For the past 1 year I’ve been working at Qualcomm Bangalore as Machine Learning engineer, helping in on boarding various Deep Learning Models to DSP. ‌Wendy had been my second home for a majority of my life yet, having done my entire schooling from Playgroup to 12th Standard. Wendy has shaped my life throughout from entering as a 2 year old child to leaving prepared for the life challenges ahead. I would always be grateful to the entire Wendy School Team, the teachers the administration and all the friends I made, for helping me achieve whatever little I have. I like to believe that ‌schools are the place which decide the strength of one’s life tree, and Wendy has been the place where my roots were strengthen by the seeds of knowledge planted in me during my stay at Wendy.

Sanidhya Garg
Batch 2016-2017