Workshop- From Chalk To Talk The Art of Teaching

Teaching is a continuum from conditioning to indoctrination and training is also included in it. The new innovations and practices of education are introduced by organizing a workshop in which persons are trained to use new practices in their teaching learning process. The workshops are organized to develop the psychomotor aspects of the learner regarding the practices of new innovations in the area of education. Participants are expected to do some practical work to produce instructional teaching and testing material.Creating a workshop for teachers can be a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills, share knowledge, and foster a collaborative learning environment.

Work Shop conducted by Indiannica publication on Effective Communication Skills

THEME: Teachers’ Enrichment Programme
REPORT: Workshop on “Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills”
DATE: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, Ms.Neha Sood a certified and Soft Skill and NLP Trainer
with over 8 years of experience, addressed the teachers and share her expertise on
“Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills”. At Indiannica, as a Product
Manager further serving the cause of education she is continuously involved in
conducting workshops.
Ms.Sood enlightened the teachers on the importance of effective communication, an
essential skill in today’s world. She emphasized on how communication is more than
just words. She shared the techniques of effective communication with students
through listening to understand; observation; retention; non-verbal communication;
being clear and succinct; being empathetic and many more. She explained the need
for messages to be concise, logical, engaging and action driven.
Ms.Sood also spoke on attributes of good interpersonal skills vital to collaborate and
communicate with different types of people. Having a strong work ethic,
professionalism, power to inspire others and resolve conflicts, being tactful and
respectful paves way for working as a team. Team work helps in applying the collective
intellect and adding value to work, thus making the results more authentic and reliable.
She encouraged the teachers to challenge status quo by questioning.
She highlighted the four pillars critical to attaining the education goals:
1) Learning to know (inculcation of study skills)
2) Learning to do (skill development)
3) Learn to be (emotional or Neuro-psychological aspect of learning system)
4) Learning to live together (communication from individual to the family, family to the society
and then to the country).
Ms.Neha Sood said that teachers are the nation builders. Indeed, teachers cannot be
replaced. She threw light on Effective Communication Skills including the 7C’s of
Communication(Clear, Correct ,Complete, Concrete ,Courteous, Considerate,
Concise).She concluded the light-hearted yet strong and effective session by saying
that to be successful in life, learn, unlearn and relearn.


Workshop for Teachers
THEME: Upholding Ethics & Integrity
REPORT: Capacity Building Programme
DATE: Wednesday, June 28th 2023
CONDUCTED BY: Mrs.Deepti Shankar, Resourceful person from Pearson
EVENT REPORT: On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, Mrs.Deepti Shankar who is the
founder and a Lead Trainer of Safe Campus and is associated with Pearson for the
last 15 years.She is the first Indian woman having been trained in Israel in Reality
Based Self Defence systems. She has been working on women and children
empowerment for the last 6 years. Having intervened with more than 1, 00,000 plus
individuals so far, she carries the rich experience of knowing and handling real life
situations faced by children.
Mrs.Deepti said that it is equally important to create an environment in which existing
practices and policies can be critically examined and students can be sensitised in
order to build ethical leaders.
“Ethics & Integrity are the seeds for achievement; it is the principal that never fails.” In
today’s world as the line between right and wrong is becoming thinner day by day, it
has become more difficult to hold on to our moral fiber and identify right from wrong.
The workshop aimed at training teachers to understand what Ethics and Integrity mean
to them as they face every day challenges and pressure; how integrity guides our inner
peace; and time is always right to do what is right.
The sessions were interactive and gave everyone a chance to share their perspective,
experience and learning through different mediums like activities, enactment and group
discussion. Every participant could be seen actively engaged and pondering over
his/her idea of ethics & integrity.
Real life situations were enacted, different games were played both in groups and
individually along with presentations and discussions on related topics, bringing home
the fact that it’s of utmost importance to uphold ethics and integrity in all walks of life
and more so in the field of academics if we want to create a safe, secure, prosperous,
balanced and happy society.
In a nutshell, the workshop succeeded in reaffirming the teachers of their
responsibilities not just to their management but to the future generations and the
society as a while.


THEME: Educators’ Workshop on Environment, Sustainable Development
DATE: Friday, 30 June, 2023
On Friday, June 30, 2023, we had a workshop on Sustainable Development Goals. Mr.Ankit Kapoor was
the resourceful person from Orange Publication. He has held several business leadership positions in
the past 13 years. Currently building go sharpener - a school student network to create their impact
profile by working on sustainable development goals. It has 69000 + students, 500+ schools across 90+
cities strong. Till date go-sharpener has enabled - plantation of trees, saving water and reducing of
Mr. Kapoor discussed all 16 Sustainable Developmental goals with respect to target and indicators,
which are as follows: -
Goal 1: no poverty
Goal 2: zero hunger
Goal 3: good health and well-being
Goal 4: quality education
Goal 5: gender equality
Goal 6: clean water and sanitation
Goal 7: affordable and clean energy
Goal 8: decent work and economic growth
Goal 9: industry, innovation, and infrastructure
Goal 10: reduced inequality
Goal 11: sustainable cities and communities
Goal 12: responsible consumption and production
Goal 13: climate action
Goal 14: life below water
Goal 15: life on land
Goal 16: partnerships to achieve the goal
The highlight of the discussion was reminding how directly or indirectly we can adopt simple measures
starting from our homes to reduce daily wastage and play our part in conservation of natural resources
and energy. He also deliberated on the various types of waste and their segregation briefly. He also
reviewed ways to reduce plastic usage and management of domestic waste. This event helped teachers
to understand the need for the conservation and preservation of resources and a reminder to do their
share of responsibility as citizens to mitigate the depletion of resources for future generations