Q- How do we register for admission?

The registrations are ONLINE /OFFLINE

Q- What are the various curriculums available in Wendy School Junior College?

 Primary till Grade X: ICSE. Grade XI& XII: ISC

Q- What is the Age Criteria being followed?

The minimum age of the child for Grade 1 should be  6 years  and so on

Q- What is the process of admission?

 Admission in Wendy School Junior College is purely based on seat availability.

Q- Do I have to pay the complete fee including the quarter fees at the time of admission?

At the time of admission, you will be asked to pay only the one-time non-refundable Admission fee, Miscellaneous Charges  and the first installment of the Academic fees

Q- Difference between CBSE and ICSE?

 ICSE is more detailed and enhanced. It provides you vast knowledge precisely and lays more emphasis on the core subjects such as English, which aims at building the overall personality of a student.

Q- What are the security measures taken by the school on school buses and in school premises?

Security does not only mean securing the child/staff from external threats but also to ensure safety measures within the school premises. Every individual coming to the school is the responsibility of the school and we take this as a challenge. This system is duly supported by the manual guarding as well as CCTV coverage of the premises. There are SOPs and the same are rigorously followed and audited internally as well as externally for compliance.

Q- Are picnic/camps/field trips compulsory?

No, they are not mandatory; however, all kids are encouraged to be a part of these events.

Q- How do we hand over students during dispersal?

Students are handed over to the parents/guardians carrying the Authorization Card issued by the school. This is a mandatory requirement; no child will be allowed to leave the school premises without checking the Authorization Card of the person who has come to collect the child.

Q- How is the deep cleaning of the school done? How often do you sanitize the school?

There is a proper cleaning and sanitization schedule followed. In addition to the regular housekeeping through professional agencies and permitted cleaning agents, we have focused on stringent sanitization protocols. This refers to everyday sanitization of the entire premises in use by the permitted disinfectants such as SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, fogging with VIREX II 256 and MICROGEN D-125. There is a team allocated only for the purpose and is ensuring proper sanitization of every nook and corner.

Q- Do you have smart classes in classrooms?

 We have excellent IT labs; All digital requirements of children are catered to in the Labs and Smart Classes.

Q- How much homework is given on daily basis?

 In the early years children do not get any homework. Grade I to Grade V may get very light homework. Rest Grade at least 3 Homework in a day.

Q- How often the school conducts workshops & training for staff?

Professional development of staff is an ongoing process which is conducted through out the year. The school staff is 100% trained to teach the curriculum they have been assigned.

Q- Do we conduct Olympiads?

Yes, we conduct Olympiads from Grade I to Grade XII.

Q- Are there any additional charges for any activities/clubs?